relief works

Disaster Relief & Rehabilitation

Jalpaiguri Shraddha targeted 3(three) villages of Jalpaiguri district named Munda Basti, Karala Valley, Bairagi Para and adjacent area. One of our Medical Units went into remote areas providing medical relief and initial first-aid treatment during the natural calamity and disaster. Around 25 quintals of Relief supplies were distributed by Jalpaiguri Shraddha volunteers. The first phase of relief work Continued through the monsoon season and almost 115 families were provided with Ration packages containing essential staple food items such as rice, wheat, Biscuit, spices, Oil, sugar and salt along with other daily supplies like detergent, phenyl, Bleaching Powder, Candle and matchboxes. Now Shraddha has come to be identified closely with disaster relief and rehabilitation work across Jalpaiguri.