About Jalpaiguri Shraddha

Jalpaiguri Shraddha has started his journey from 2012 for the overall development of the person with disability, poor, backward, downtrodden class of people. On the 03rd day of February 2015 the organization had registered under West Bengal society Registration Act. XXVI of 1961 (Reg.no. - S/2L/31679 of 2014-2015). The concept of formation of this organization was raised when we were realized the community’s original social and economic need and importance of the social living and decided to form an organization for their self-betterment.


Our Vision & Mission

Vission - Our main vision is to create a society of excellence that people will enjoy a good healthy life is a better educational environment freedom democratic right and walked for continuous development to achieve their full potential.

Mission - Our Organization is dedicated to Surve vulnerable people to provide a healthy life. We committed to give continued service and support so that our community enables them to meet their dream, challenges, and social goals.

Our Objective

1) Our main objective is to survey and support those people who are neglected by society (Especially old age, differently-abled persons, and others). We work for developing human resources. To increase the wealth of our country.

2) We always want to work on several social issues. To make our society healthy and...

3) Our objective is to search the way were we able to make a permanent solution regarding social issues. Like inaccessibility, Rehabilitation, Educational support, conflicts & Trafficking.

4)  to undertake any other work for assignment this will be the general Welfare of the people

5) to organize forums, seminars, camps, events, etc For spreading good living habits, moral values and methods of developing self-confidence, etc.

6) To educate the people for the adoption of the good norms of good citizenship and to include in the people's mind, ideas of national Unity.

7) To work for the upliftment of down towards people in society.

8) To create awareness among the people regarding health education etc.


9) To create an enabling environment for the smooth functioning of the programs.